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Pinot Grigio is more than just the Italian name for Pinot Gris. Although the two names refer to a single grape variety, the wine styles they represent are clearly distinct from one another. The difference between Pinot Grigio wines and Pinot Gris wines is so clear and well-established that the two are often treated as if they were two distinct varieties.

Synonyms include: Pinot Gris.

Food matches for Pinot Grigio include:

  • Goat cheese, rocket & walnut salad
  • Crispy garlic and chili prawns
  • Grilled green-lipped mussels
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Elena Walch Pinot Grigio Alto Adige

R 450.00

Elena Walch Pinot Grigio is elegant, medium-bodied and creamy white with framing aromas of stone fruits, apple, lemon zest, white pepper, sage and delicate acidity underscored by a mineral undertone....

Fantini Pinot Grigio

R 300.00

Fantini Pinot Grigio is a classic wine reinterpreted to reflect Sicily’s enticing exuberance. Complex on the nose with fruity and herbal aromas and hints of vanilla and nutmeg. On the...

Lamberti Pinot Grigio Garda

R 225.00

Lamberti Pinot Grigio is well developed on the nose with typical Pinot Grigio overtones of beeswax and wild honey blossom. Refreshingly crisp on the palate with a creamy, mineral texture...

Zaccagnini Pinot Grigio

R 330.00

Zaccagnini Pinot Grigio is made from trellised Pinot Grigio grapes grown in vineyards around Chieti, Abruzzo. Intensely aromatic, lively and with a distinctive personality, eminently suitable as an aperitif and...