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Torrontes is a name rapidly becoming synonymous with the white wines of Argentina. It doesn't represent just a single grape variety, however – several varieties bear the name Torrontes. The most significant of these are Torrontes Sanjuanino, Torrontes Mendocino and Torrontes Riojano. The latter of the three is the most widely planted, and typically produces the better-quality wines. Torrontes wines range in style from light and fresh to heady and intensely perfumed, often expressing spicy, soapy characters and aromas of white flowers.

Synonyms include: Torontel, Moscatel de Austria.

Food matches for Friulano include:

  • Thai green curry
  • Grilled scallops or white fish
  • Goats' cheese on walnut bread, drizzled with honey
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Trapiche Torrontes

R 240.00

Trapiche Torrontés is made exclusively from Argentinian Torrontés riojano grapes. A light bodied wine with crisp acidity. The nose is intensely scented with flowery overtones and palate it is distinctively...