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Marzemino is a late-ripening, dark-skinned grape variety grown mainly in Trentino-Alto Adige but also in the Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna wine regions of Italy.

Marzemino's most prestigious role is as the key ingredient (95 percent) in the sweet Colli di Conegliano Refrontolo passito wines, for which grapes are dried out in the winery (traditionally on straw mats) for weeks or even months after harvest. In Lombardy it is almost never used for varietal wine, but is instead blended with the likes of Sangiovese, Barbera and Merlot, notably in the wines of the Capriano del Colle and Botticino DOCs.

Synonyms include: Bassanino, Uva Tedesca.

Food matches for Marzemino include:

  • Roast lamb with rosemary, garlic and lemon (dry)
  • Dark chocolate truffles (sweet)
  • Mature blue cheeses (sweet)
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Mezzacorona Di Notte

R 250.00

Mezzacorona Di Notte is elegant and soft on the nose with strong hints of red currants, blackberry, and blueberry. To the taste, it is full-bodied and well-structured with a pleasant...