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Nebbiolo is the grape variety behind the top-quality red wines of Piedmont, northwestern Italy, the most notable of which are Barolo and Barbaresco. Nebbiolo wines are distinguished by their strong tannins, high acidity and distinctive scent – often described as "tar and roses". A less obvious characteristic, visible only over time, is their tendency to lose color. Within just a few years of vintage, most Nebbiolo wines begin fading from deep, violet-tinged ruby to a beautiful brick orange.

Synonyms include: Spanna, Picoutener, Chiavennasca.

Food matches for Nebbiolo include:

  • Herb-crusted roast lamb rack
  • Smoked duck with wild mushrooms
  • Fresh spinach linguine with white truffle shavings
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Borgogno Barolo

R 1,360.00

Borgogno Barolo is an enriching mix of cherry, plum, rose, liquorice, tar and tobacco on the nose. Full-bodied and vibrant on the palate with grip, balance and muscle that keep...

Ca'Bianca Barolo

R 670.00

Barolo produced from 100% Nebbiolo grapes from vineyards situated on the hills of La Morra, Piemonte. Dry, full-bodied wine with cloves and vanilla bouquet and lingering aftertaste of liquorice and...

Casa E. di Mirafiore Barolo

R 1,315.00

Mirafiore Barolo has an intense red berries nose with overtones of vanilla, spices, withered roses, black liquorice and underbrush. Imposing and powerful on the palate with harmonious tannins, dry but...

Fontanafredda Barbaresco Coste Rubin

R 1,120.00

Barbaresco Coste Rubin is made of Nebbiolo grapes from Piedmont. Rich bouquet of ripe plums, bilberries and violets with hints of liquorice, cinnamon and tobacco. Well-structured and intense on the...

Fontanafredda Barolo Platinum

R 1,120.00

Fontanafredda Barolo is made from Nebbiolo grapes from Piedmont. Attractively shaded in colour with a bouquet that is clean, full, complex and intense, with hints of withered flowers, dry leaves...

Fontanafredda Barolo Serralunga d'Alba

R 1,220.00

Fontanafredda Barolo is made from Nebbiolo grapes from Piedmont. Bright garnet-red colour which in time takes on light orange hues. Intense nose with overtones of vanilla, spices, withered roses and...

Fontanafredda Barolo Vigna La Rosa

R 2,115.00

Barolo Vigna La Rosa is made from Nebbiolo grapes from Piedmont. Delicate but intense nose with hints of withered roses, violets, tobacco, underbrush, spices, and a slight touch of vanilla....

Fontanafredda Nebbiolo Langhe Ebbio

R 405.00

Fontanafredda Nebbiolo is made from Nebbiolo grapes from Piedmont. Bright red colour which in time veers towards garnet-red with deep orange hues. Enticing perfumes of withered roses and geraniums. Warm,...

Nino Negri Sfursat Valtellina

R 780.00

Nino Negri Sfursat is made from a selection of the best Nebbiolo grapes of Valtellina, Lombardy, which are dried naturally in the style of Amarone. The wine is particularly robust...