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Grechetto Bianco (commonly abbreviated to just Grechetto) is a white grape variety grown in central Italy. While also planted in Lazio and Tuscany, the grape is most strongly associated with Umbria and is used in the production of the peach-scented wines of Orvieto DOC.

Synonyms include: Grechetto, Greghetto, Grechetto di Todi, Grechetto Spoletino, Greco Spoletino, Greco Bianco di Perugia.

Food matches for Grechetto Bianco include:

  • Pumpkin-stuffed pasta (tortelli di zucca) (dry)
  • Parmesan crusted scallops (dry)
  • Almond cookies (sweet)
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Goretti Grechetto Colli Perugini

R 315.00

Grechetto Colli Perugini is made from Grechetto grapes from Colli Perugini. Lively with enticing fruity and flowery notes and a crisp, flavoursome, distinguished taste. Brand: Goretti Description: Dry White Vintages...