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Puglia (Apulia to many English speakers) is a long, thin wine region in the far south-eastern corner of the 'boot' of Italy. To continue the footwear analogy often used to illustrate Italy’s shape, Puglia runs from the very point of the heel to just below mid-calf height, where the 'spur' of the Gargano Peninsula juts out into the Adriatic Sea. The heel (the Salento Peninsula) occupies the southern half of the region, and is of great significance to Puglia's identity. Not only are there cultural and geographical differences when compared to northern Puglia, but the wines are also different. Where the north is slightly hillier and more connected to the customs and winemaking practices of central Italy, the south is almost entirely flat and retains a strong connection with its Greco-Roman past.

The 'true' Puglia is to be found in the south, below the Brindisi–Taranto line, which traces the southernmost stretch of the Appian Way. Here the wines are made from grape varieties almost unique to the area, while in the north the prevalent grapes are those used all over central and northern Italy (such as Sangiovese and Montepulciano). The most obviously full-blooded Puglian grapes are Negroamaro and Primitivo, while Verdeca is the only salient example among the whites in this hot, red-dominated region. Primitivo is at home in Manduria and Gioia del Colle, and creates robust, powerful wines known locally as mirr test (hard wine). Negroamaro is more widespread and defines the red wines of the majority of southern Puglia's DOCs: Alezio, Matino, Galatina, Copertino, Nardo, Leverano, Lizzano, Salice Salentino, Squinzano and Brindisi. The coastal town of Ostuni marks the northern boundary of this most Puglian of zones, with its whites based on Impigno (a crossing of Bombino Bianco and Quagliano) and rosés made from Ottavianello (Cinsaut).

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Apollonio Diciotto Fanali Salento Rosato

R 330.00

The “DICIOTTO FANALI” (‘Eighteen Lamps’) in Apollonio Diciotto Fanali Salento Rosato refers to the number of street lights first installed in Monteroni, Lecce. Fruity overtones of ripe cherries with fresh...

Apollonio Elfo Bianco d'Alessano Salento

R 225.00

Apollonio Elfo Bianco d'Alessano Salento is a pleasant, fresh, easy and accessible white wine. Clean, delicate aromas of citrus and herbs on the nose. Dry, crisp and floral on the...

Apollonio Elfo Bianco Frizzante Salento

R 215.00

Apollonio Elfo Bianco Frizzante Salento is fruity with floral hints of white fruit, green apple and lime on the nose. Crisp, mineral, with good acidity and flavour on the palate....

Apollonio Elfo Negroamaro Salento

R 365.00

Apollonio Elfo Negroamaro Salento is warm and round on the nose, fresh with rich dark berries aromas and hints of olives. On the palate, floral and fresh with undertones of...

Apollonio Elfo Negroamaro Salento Rosato

R 215.00

Apollonio Elfo Negroamaro Salento Rosato is very intense and fragrant with notes of berries and cherry on the nose. Dry and soft to the taste, with good balance and crisp,...

Apollonio Elfo Primitivo Salento

R 395.00

Apollonio Elfo Primitivo Salento is well-defined and elegant on the nose with black cherry, pepper and dried flowers. Medium-light body with ripe tannins, round, balanced and intense with warm mineral...

Fantini Edizione Cinque Autoctoni

R 820.00

Fantini Edizione Cinque Autoctoni is intense and persistent on the nose with mineral notes of cherry, blackcurrant, herbs, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa and liquorice. On the palate, great structure, good balance...

Masseria San Magno Primitivo

R 300.00

Masseria San Magno Primitivo is made from 100% Primitivo. Red-purple with great density and a bouquet of ripe jam and tobacco. The palate features red fruit, ripe plums and dark...

Masseria San Magno Rosso Magno

R 280.00

Masseria San Magno Rosso Magno is made from a blend of Uva di troia, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Cabernet Sauvignon. Deep ruby-red with violet hues. It has clear overtones of underbrush...

Tagaro Zinfandel Mastro Zin

R 280.00

Tagaro Zinfandel Mastro Zin has prune, toasty oak, chocolate, and honey on the nose. On the palate, full-bodied and fruity with flavours of dried fruit, chocolate and spice, fine tannins,...

Vigneti Del Salento Primitivo di Manduria Leggenda

R 1,025.00

Vigneti Del Salento Primitivo di Manduria Leggenda has a rich bouquet of cherries and blackberries soaked in minty, slightly spicy tobacco. Spicy and mellow to the palate with notes of...