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Albariño (Alvarinho) is a green-skinned grape variety native to Galicia on the north Atlantic coast of Spain. It is best known as being the key grape variety in the Rias Baixas DO, where it makes crisp but often well-textured white wines with peach, citrus and mineral characters that pair perfectly with the local seafood. Albarino is native to the area in the northwestern corner of the Iberian peninsula, but it is not clear on which side of the border – as it is planted widely on each side. In Spain, Albarino constitutes more than 90 percent of the grapes planted in the Rias Baixas area, where the complex mesoclimates within this DO signify the many different sub-regions and variations between vintages and vineyards.

Synonyms include: Alvarinho, Cainho Branco.

Food matches for Albariño include:

  • Percebes (goose barnacles)
  • Paella with lobster and chorizo
  • Green-lipped mussels grilled with parsley butter
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Torres Pazo Das Bruxas Albarino

R 485.00

In old country houses known as “pazos", surrounded by forests and vineyards, Galician witches (“bruxas”) conjured up spirits through magic and dance. And so the sap, the lifeblood, coursed through...