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Umbria, in central Italy, is a region of lush rolling hills, hilltop villages and iconic, historic towns (exemplified by Orvieto and Assisi). Its annual wine production of around one million hL (26 million gallons) is less than one third that of neighboring Tuscany, and makes it the country's fourth-smallest wine-producing region by volume. Located at the very heart of the Italian Peninsula, it is hemmed in by its neighbors Tuscany, Marche and Lazio, and is in fact the only Italian region with neither a coastline nor an international border.

Umbria, just like the central regions of Marches and Lazio, is best known for its white-wine production: nearly 60% of wine produced is white. Despite changes in style over time, Orvieto (based on the Trebbiano grape) remains the region’s largest DOC and accounts for 80% of the overall wine production. Trebbiano is also referred to as Procanico in Umbria, although some believe it to be a superior clone, with smaller grape bunches which produces a finer wine.

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Goretti Grechetto Colli Perugini

R 315.00

Grechetto Colli Perugini is made from Grechetto grapes from Colli Perugini. Lively with enticing fruity and flowery notes and a crisp, flavoursome, distinguished taste. Brand: Goretti Description: Dry White Vintages...

Goretti Sagrantino di Montefalco

R 630.00

Sagrantino di Montefalco is made from Sagrantino grapes from its namesake in Umbria. Rich, complex and distinguished, producing an intense, rewarding and long-lasting drinking experience. Brand: Goretti Description: Dry Red...