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Ribolla is a white wine grape variety that is widely planted in the northeastern Italian province of Friuli. It can be found in neighboring Slovenia, where it is known as Rebula. The wines are often characterized by their firm acidity, peach, citrus and apple notes, and a faint floral aromatic profile. In Friuli, Ribolla Gialla performs best in Rosazzo and Colli Orientali, where it used mostly to produce dry white wines and occasionally sparkling wines.

Synonyms include: Rebula, Zlata Rebula, Sabrevois.

Food matches for Ribolla Gialla include:

  • Crumbed scampi
  • Chilean salad of mussels and clams
  • Spaghetti alla vongole
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Guerra Albano Ribolla Gialla

R 370.00

Made from Ribolla Gialla grapes grown in Torreano di Cividale (Udine). Intensely scented with hints of apple, pineapple and citrus. Dry, round and velvety on the palate with hints of...

Zorzettig Ribolla Gialla

R 270.00

Zorzettig Ribolla Gialla has fine, mineral aromas with balsamic traces and clear suggestions of aromatic herbs on the nose. Mineral, pulpy and crunchy on the palate with hints of golden...