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Italian Wine Shop in South Africa

Welcome to Vino.co.za, we're an Italian family-run online store serving a small but passionate base of Italian wine lovers here in South Africa. As you can imagine, working across continents to deliver consistently good wine products and services comes with its challenges. Fortunately, we have longstanding experience in wine trading that dates back decades, dealing with everyone from private individuals to major retailers.

Throughout the years, we've prided ourselves in maintaining good relations with wine suppliers, the very ones responsible for producing our cherished Italian wine offering. In fact, the first wine we ever imported was a Renzo Masi Chianti back in 1993, a wine and producer we still offer and support today.

Since then the local winescape has changed and we're glad to say that Italian wine is no longer the obscure and esoteric consumable it once was among South African wine enthusiasts. Now iconic Italian wines like Barolo, Pinot Grigio and Prosecco are abundant and available to all. We like to think we played a small role in achieving that.

Anyway... HERE's to a long life, good food, family, friends and, of course, excellent Italian wine!