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In 2011, Argentinean wine producer Los Helechos ventured into the high-end market, strategically siting vineyards in the Uco Valley. Careful selection of vineyards with essential characteristics laid the foundation for premium quality wines. In pursuit of excellence, the acquisition of a 1969 winery in El Peral, featuring 1950s architecture (90% cement, 10% stainless steel), was adapted for optimal layout in crafting premium wines.

The inaugural moment occurred in 2012 with Los Helechos' first harvest, marking the beginning of a rich history with 54 consecutive vinifications. Nestled at 1,400 meters in the Uco Valley, Bodega Los Helechos benefits from exceptional grape cultivation conditions surrounded by towering peaks. The vineyard's story is intricately tied to the natural richness of the Uco Valley, where native ferns, remnants of the Andes Mountain Range formation, contribute to the valley's natural wealth alongside streams.

Guided by Marcelo Parolaro and Ángel Mendoza's oenological expertise, Bodega Los Helechos is led by a passionate team dedicated to developing exceptional wines that highlight the unique characteristics of the land.

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Los Helechos Malbec Reserva

R 675.00

Los Helechos Malbec Reserva enchants with a visually striking red hue and vibrant violet reflections. Aromas of black fruits, delicate florals, and subtle oak nuances lead to a sweet and...

Los Helechos Malbec de Malbecs

R 815.00

Los Helechos Malbec de Malbecs is a high-altitude wine and presents vibrant hues and achieves a flawless fruit-oak balance with refined tannins. Aromas of blackberries, plums, and cherries harmonize with...