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We have been keeping an eye on Morellino di Scansano for some time, given its considerable potential. The wines are based on a minimum 85% Sangiovese. For the remaining 15%, various red grapes are permitted as blending grapes.

The legend goes that the wine gets its name from the “morelli” horses that were used to bring carriages of officials to and from Scansano in the 1700s.

In recent years the region has benefited from their neighbour, Bolgheri, an established star in Tuscany. As a result, a lot of outside investment has been poured into the area.

The climate is perfectly suited to grape-growing. Cool sea-breezes mitigate the heat during scorching summer days. There is never a lack of sunshine during the growing season. Perhaps the most notable qualitative climatic influence is the large diurnal temperature swing. Temperatures are drastically lower at night in the autumn and summer. This is key in maintaining good levels of acidity in the grapes.

With a deep ruby colour, Morellino di Scansano wines are dry and full in body. These are the lighter and ‘fresher’ cousins of Brunello. With notes of dried plums, cherries and potpourri, they are charming and approachable in style.

Tenuta Pietramora is situated in the heart of the Maremma region, on 53 hectares of land at 300 metres above sea level, in a location of rare and striking natural beauty. Located on the Colle Fagiano - in the municipality of Scansano, near Grosseto, between the historic sites of Montorgiali and Montepò - the estate can be reached via a scenic motorway route that provides inspiring panoramic views of various medieval sites.

The farm, under the passionate conduction of Gaia Cerrito, was set up in 1999 with the replanting of 4 hectares of pre-existing vineyards as well as the establishment of new ones, covering a total surface area of 11 hectares of mainly high-quality Sangiovese grapes.

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Pietramora Morellino Di Scansano Brumaio

R 460.00

Pietramora Morellino Di Scansano Brumaio is dense with perceptions of blueberry and cherry, hints of herbs and flowers and a fresh, vibrant full-bodied flavour of red berry fruit. Brand: Tenuta...