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For over a century Feudo Disisa has belonged to the Di Lorenzo family who had the intuition of discovering the potential of this land and, using the most advanced technologies, managed to transform the original pasture and sowing fields into luxuriant olive groves. In the years between 1930 and 1940 the estate underwent its first great transformation thanks to the work of Mario Di Lorenzo who widened the production area both of vines and olive trees, radically changing the territory’s agricultural, economic and social configuration. The estate is situated over more than 100 hectares of vineyards, perched on the hills of the historic village of Monreale, between Palermo and Trapani. It has always been known for the excellent quality of its products, obtained through a balanced approach to research, innovation and respect for tradition.

Baglio di Grisi recalls its name to the word Grisi that comes from the Greek word “Krysos” meaning “Gold”, which later became in the Byzantine period “Grysòs”, “Golden Land”, where the word “Gold” refers precisely to the richness of the fertile and cultivated land, which have made these places full of charm and magic. The origin of this name seems to be referred to an ancient Arabic legend according to which - in a cave near the Feudo Disisa - a huge treasure would be hidden, left there from Saracen people when in 1091 the Norman kicked them out from the Island.

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Baglio Di Grisi Aria Bianco

R 255.00

Baglio Di Grisi Aria Bianco is made from Chardonnay grapes from Sicily. Golden yellow colour with greenish highlights, it has intense aromas of peaches, flowers and citrus fruit. On the...

Baglio Di Grisi Nero d'Avola

R 290.00

Baglio Di Grisi Nero d'Avola is made from Nero d’Avola grapes from Sicily. Deep red with an intense bouquet of ripe black cherry and fresh red berry fruits. Intense on...

Baglio Di Grisi Syrah

R 285.00

Baglio Di Grisi Syrah is made from Syrah grapes from Sicily. Deep ruby-red with violet hues, delicate cherry and raspberry, liquorice and candied fruit on the nose, soft tannins, minerality...