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This is the most prestigious of the estates owned by wine buff, successful journalist and publisher, Paolo Panerai. The 24 hectares are in the municipality of Castellina, the heart of historic Chianti territory, also the homeland of the district's classiest, long-lived Sangiovese.

Back in the 1970s, Panerai embarked Castellare on a path aimed at reconciling tradition and innovation. Tradition in caring for its vineyards and terrains, distinguishing between fields and sodi (in which fields are the more easily worked terrains and sodi - "hard" soils - are the hardest but the best for growing vines), in its decision to continue producing wine according to the Tuscan method, and in its respect of the Chianti Classico denomination - using only indigenous Tuscan grape varieties to produce a wine that is internationally acknowledged as one of the greatest reds in the world. Innovation was pursued by implementing the first scientific selection of Sangiovese clones (here called Sangioveto).

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Castellare Di Castellina Chianti Classico

R 670.00

This Chianti Classico is ruby-red in colour with scents of violets, rosemary, raspberry, cherry, liquorice and a hint of vanilla. Mellow, round, soft and fruity on the palate. Brand: Castellare...

Castellare Di Castellina I Sodi Di San Niccolo

R 1,610.00

I Sodi Di San Niccolo is made from Sangiovese and Malvasia nera grapes. Intensely red with hints of garnet. Sophisticated and pedigreed wine with an ample bouquet of violets, iris...