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Cellaro is a modern producer operating under the umbrella of the Farnese group. It is situated near Sambuca, in the Belice Valley. In 2016 Sambuca was officially acknowledged as the most beautiful small village in Italy. Sambuca, originally founded by ancient Greek colonists, rose to regional prominence as a trading hub after invading Arab Muslims took over around 830, just a few years after landing in Sicily. It was called Zabuth, in remembrance of the emir Zabut ("The Splendid One") Al-Arab, who built a castle at that place, on the slopes of Mount Genuardo.

Arriving in this country one has the feeling of being away from everything, but one step away from oneself. Splendid mountains surround Lago Arancio painting a picture with water as the protagonist, a precious resource preserved by hospitable and industrious people.

Here the vine found its natural habitat since the dawn of time. While Sambuca has been talking about excellent grapes for centuries, Cellaro is now telling that story with inimitable wines.

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Cellaro Nero d'Avola Nerello Mascalese Due Lune

R 550.00

Cellaro Nero d'Avola Nerello Mascalese Due Lune is fragrant on the nose, with overtones of red fruit, ripe blackberry, oriental spices, pink pepper and leather. On the palate, warm with...

Cellaro Nero d'Avola Organico Vanità

R 345.00

Cellaro Nero d'Avola Organico Vanità is a deep ruby red colour with faint purple hues. Red cherries, blueberries, wild herbs, liquorice, dried rose petals, spices, dark chocolate and coffee on...