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Serafini & Vidotto

Francesco Serafini and Antonello Vidotto are two friends, expert winemakers, experimenters and pioneers, driven by their passion for the earth and for the wine produced. The story of Serafini e Vidotto began in 1985, the first time Francesco and Antonello saw the green hills of the Montello-Colli Asolani DOC area. This is the heart of the Veneto region, right at the centre of it all. Here, to the north-west of the city of Treviso, lies the first foothills. There were few vineyards then. But there was the inspiration that only a beautiful place can give. The hills, the woods, the valley, the banks. The ideal place to give life to one's own business. First harvest 1986. And since then little has changed in the winery: finesse, cleanliness, identity and character. The winery is proudly environmentally friendly, with "green" being first and foremost a way of thinking: for more than twenty years, fertilisation has been carried out strictly with farm compost, mature and controlled manure or, alternatively, with certified organic fertilisers. There is no weeding, but laborious hoeing by hand, and above all different and targeted defence strategies, site by site. The harvest is, of course, strictly manual, as is the selection of the grapes before the start of the slow transformation process. All this is done to limit any intervention in the cellar as much as possible, and to keep the use of sulphur dioxide to below 50% of the legal limits.

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