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Lugana is a picturesque, white wine-specific viticultural region in northern Italy, its vineyard area straddling the regional border between Lombardy in the west and Veneto in the east. It is located at the southern end of Lake Garda, the vines a relatively new addition to a landscape of fishing villages and castled towns.

Most of the Lugana vineyards extend from the village of Desenzano up to Peschiera, including parts of Lonato, Pozzolengo and Sirmione. This forms a relatively small production zone of just 1482 acres (600ha). The Verdicchio grape variety (aka Trebbiano di Lugana) is the essential ingredient in the area's bianco (white) wines. It thrives in the zone's calcareous clay soils, which are rich in mineral salts and help the fruit to reach high levels of ripeness and organoleptic (sensory) complexity. All Lugana wines must comprise at least 90% of this variety, and are often praised for their balance, structure and fragrance, similar to that of Soave Classico. They are also characterized by a freshness and agreeable flavor thanks to the soil characteristics, and a fruit concentration, underlying floral and spice notes and delicate acidity.

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Ottella Lugana

R 425.00

Ottella Lugana is made from Turbiana (Trebbiano di Lugana) grapes grown in San Benedetto di Lugana, Verona, Veneto. Aromas of white flower, tropical fruit and peach mingle in the glass....

Tommasi Lugana Le Fornaci

R 450.00

Tommasi Lugana Le Fornaci has a vibrant yellow hue and a fruity bouquet of tropical fruit and grapefruit. The palate offers a dry, harmonious taste with elegant freshness, culminating in...