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Vin Santo ('Holy Wine') is the name given to the amber-hued straw wines traditionally from Tuscany, central Italy. The origins of the name are disputed, but most agree it comes from the time when these wines were used for Holy Communion. There are similar wines made in other Italian wine regions, and the vinsanto of Santorini is almost identical in both name and style, but the Tuscan hills retain a long-standing connection with these golden, intensely flavored wines.

Vin santo is produced in various classified zones in Tuscany, including Chianti and its viticultural sub-regions of Carmignano, Sant'Antimo and Montepulciano. In these four places the vin santo has its own DOC, but it is also covered by other DOCs including Pomino, Bolgheri and Elba. Other examples are found in Umbria, Veneto (specifically in Gambellara) and Trentino, where it is made from Nosiola.

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Renzo Masi Vin Santo Del Chianti

R 480.00

Renzo Masi Vin Santo is an interesting blend of Trebbiano, Malvasia and Chardonnay grapes from Rufina, Tuscany. This dessert wine is produced only in the best vintages and in small...