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Lorenzo, Alexandra, Stefano and Gabriele Gabba

Who are we?..

Benvenuto! Welcome to Vino.co.za, where we strive to present you with the very finest of Italian wines, spirits and liqueurs, sourced from Piemonte to Sicilia.

We’re a small, family-run wine trading company and have been operating throughout il Paese del sole that is South Africa for over 25 years. We specialise in providing sought after and hard-to-find items through our friends and contacts all over Italy and beyond.

Our focus from the start to the end of every day is making sure our customers are happy, and will come back to visit us time and time again.


Family History

Even though Gabba International is a relatively new entity, the experience behind it goes back to 1993, to the start of its predecessor, Melgab International.

During these years, Italian founder, Stefano Gabba, dealt directly with numerous wine customers across all sectors, from retail to private. His son, Lorenzo joined him in 2005 and today Gabba International continues this tradition, enabling all South African consumers to enjoy a choice selection of handpicked wine imports.

Value Statement

We aim to identify, source and select wines (and other liquor products), that display individuality and are representative of their origins. We continuously scout for products that over-deliver in terms of quality and satisfaction at every price point, regardless of whether they are for everyday consumption, established classics or world-class icons.

Most of all, we wish to share the fruits of our labour with all appreciators of fine wine. It's the least we can do to pay tribute to the efforts and uncompromising dedication of wine makers, producers and suppliers at large.

Direct Offering

We have Italian wines of varied styles and prices, all of them superb value for money, and because we import all of our Italian wines directly from the producers, we can afford to pass on the savings to you. We are confident that you will find both quality and value for money throughout our entire range.

We endeavour to present our selection with old-fashioned personal service, in-depth knowledge and courtesy, where the customer is always put first and always appreciated.

By all means, try our Italian wines and see for yourself.

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