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Chocolate Liqueur is one of the more popular members of the greater liqueur family. There are a wide variety of liqueurs flavored with chocolate, which often fall into the cream liqueur category. Creme de cacao is one of the original styles of chocolate liqueur, although it doesn't actually contain any cream – its name refers to the silky texture of the drink.

Nut Liqueur is a member of the wider liqueur family. A wide variety of nuts or nut combinations may be used in nut liqueurs but almond (as in Amaretto), hazelnut (Frangelico) and walnut (Nocino) are the most traditional types used.

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Vincenzi Bicerin di Gianduiotto Originale (Hazelnut Chocolate Liqueur)

R 540.00

Vincenzi Bicerin di Gianduiotto Originale, a distinguished Piedmont liqueur with gianduja flavour, is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Crafted by the passionate Vincenzi family, this gluten-free, dairy-free delight thrives...