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  • Vincenzi Bicerin di Gianduiotto (Hazelnut Chocolate Liqueur; 1 Litre)

Vincenzi Hazelnut Chocolate Liqueur (Bicerin Gianduiotto)

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Product Description

Delightful spirit infusion of hazelnut chocolate liqueur. Dense, indulgent and versatile. Try on its own, on ice cream, fruit and tarts or in one of the many available cocktail recipes.

  • Brand: Vincenzi
  • Description: Hazelnut Chocolate Liqueur
  • Country, Region: Italy, Piedmont

About the Producer

Distillerie Vincenzi was founded in 1930, and is one of the best known Italian companies in the production and sale of liqueurs, syrups and chocolate.

In recent years – under the leadership of Dario and his sons, Luca and Andrea - the company has experienced excellent growth both from a commercial point of view and also with regard to the evolution of its products, thanks to the preservation of traditional production methods and the meticulous use of the same raw materials and ingredients of times gone by. Vincenzi’s products are bottled in elegant glass and are designed for both the connoisseur and people who prize product quality and aesthetic harmony.

More About the Product

“BICERIN Originale di Gianduiotto”, is a well-known “gianduia” (hazelnut chocolate) cream liquor belonging to the ancient culture and tradition of Turin, Italy. It was served in the city’s best coffee shops already during the early part of the nineteenth century, as documented by the best gastronomic literature. Bicerin was well known to a number of renowned personalities of the time.

Rousseau writes: "…Bicerin has become one of the most fashionable ways to drink, a kind of official drink. Anyone entering one of the many coffee shops in Turin ... finds it difficult to avoid the ritual of tasting this mixture of chocolate, coffee and cream ... Bicerin is also consumed in the most elegant coffee shops of the city: Florio, Diley, Nazionale, Torino, San Carlo ...

Alexandre Dumas wrote in a letter: "I will never forget Bicerin, an excellent drink consisting of coffee, milk and chocolate that is served in all the coffee shops".

Around the middle of the nineteenth century, Camillo Benso, (Count of Cavour and the first Italian Prime Minister after the re-unification of the country) stated that Bicerin was by far his favourite drink; from that moment on, Bicerin was to become the typical drink of Turin, so much so that tourists cannot help but taste it during a visit to Turin.

Vincenzi’s "BICERIN Originale di Gianduiotto" is a creamy liqueur without coffee, after the coffee present in the first recipe of 1700 was replaced by hazelnut to recall the "gianduiotto" chocolate famous and appreciated all over the world. This recipe originated in the early 1800s when coffee and cocoa were too expensive to import from overseas countries; Piedmont being a region rich in hazelnuts, it was decided to cut the chocolate with hazelnuts in order to reduce costs. This mixture gave origin to the "gianduiotto" chocolate and, indeed, to Vincenzi’s Bicerin di Gianduiotto. Since then, the recipe has never changed. The word "bicerin" - in the dialect of Piedmont and also of Lombardy and Veneto, means small beaker; in fact – throughout all the bars of Turin - it was and still is customary to serve "Bicerin" in a small glass beaker with an iron handle.


24% alcohol vol.

Food Suggestions

This chocolate liqueur is excellent on its own or as an accompaniment/coating for fresh berries, plum tarts, and strawberry shortcake. Outstanding as a key component in many cocktails (their ingredients and makeup are available upon request).

Serving temperature: serve chocolate liqueur at room temperature or chill in the refrigerator in summer according to taste.

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