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  • Villa de Varda Grappa Pinot Nero

Villa de Varda Grappa Pinot Nero

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This grappa is made in the very heart of Trentino, in the Piana Rotaliana, a splendid expanse of prestigious vineyards which have been defined “the most beautiful vine-garden of Europe”. Stylish, clear grappa with pure and intensely fruity characteristics.

  • Brand: Villa de Varda
  • Description: Grappa
  • Vintages Available: N.V.
  • Country, Region: Italy, Trentino

About the Producer

Mezzolombardo–Trento (the main town of the district) is the place where the de Varda family (noblemen since 1678) owned vineyards and produced their own wines and grappa. In the early 19th century, great grandfather Michele Dolzan started a distillery in these very cellars, handing down such activity until the present fifth generation. Passionately fond of the traditions and teachings of his father Giovanni, Luigi Dolzan has pursued this activity alongside with his sons Michele and Mauro. This they’ve done inspired by such deep-rooted ideals, constantly in contact with changing markets and modern technologies but always respectful of the family’s traditions.


Grappa is a distillate of the pomace of grapes. It is made according to the traditional “bain-marie” method, whereby pomace is placed in copper alembics set in steel boilers. The heat produced by the boiling water in the steel boilers, and the steam entering the copper alembics, give rise to the actual distillation process of the pomace therein. During distillation the headings and tailings are removed manually and the result is grappa averaging 75% alcohol by volume. Demineralized water with 0.7% sugar content is added in order to bring grappa down to the desired alcoholic strength. Grappa thus obtained is filtered, cooled down to 16 degrees below zero and then filtered again. The final product with 43% alcohol by volume is absolutely clear, colourless and stable, no longer affected by changing temperatures.

This distillate differs from others because of its very refined taste and its unique aromatic scent. It can be consumed both at room temperature and after refrigeration.


Appearance: bright, crystal-clear and transparent.

Nose: robust, intense, harmonious, generous, very pleasant, well rounded and defined, with characteristic deep, fruity overtones of sour cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry and red fruit.

Taste: stylish and, at the same time, characteristic, harmonious, smooth, elegant, vigorous, well balanced, persistent, clean, linear and rather firm, all in line with the olfactory perceptions.

This grappa preserves the style and character of the pinot nero grape.

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