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Verdeca is a relatively rare white wine grape variety from Puglia in southern Italy. It is now found almost exclusively in the Taranto and Bari provinces. The region accounts for around 97 percent of a total of 800 hectares (1,975 acres).

Its wines can range from quite neutral and herbal, though to more aromatic wines with mixed citrus flavors. It can easily be confused with the similarly named Verdea, an equally rare variety from Tuscany.

Synonyms include: Albese Bianco, Carossela, Verdicchio, Tivolese, San Gennaro, Vino Verde, Uva Marana.

Food matches for Vermentino wines include:

  • Clams with lemon (arselle a schiscionera)
  • Calamari
  • Baked pastries stuffed with ground meat and onion (börek)

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