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Gruppo Mezzacorona is located in Trento’s Piana Rotaliana, near the town of Mezzocorona. The Group includes Cantine Mezzacorona, the parent company, Cantine Rotari, which produces Trento DOC Metodo Classico sparkling wines, and Feudo Arancio, based in Sambuca di Sicilia. Rotari takes its name from stories and legends of the valiant Longobard King Rotari who fought some of the most important battles in the Trentino part of Trentino Alto Adige within the conquest for Italy. Today, Rotari’s name stands in the heart of the Italian Alps as an authentic signature of Heritage. The Rotari winery, designed with sustainability in mind, is a true architectural jewel (named 2009 European Winery of the Year). Trento DOC was the first Metodo Classico appellation created outside of France and is the oldest Metodo Classico DOC denomination of Italy. Trento DOC’s total production is boutique & low yield: about 1,000 Hectares or 9,000,000 bottles. The vineyards are situated in the Dolomites at a height of between 200 and 900 metres above sea level, Importantly, Trento DOC has a distinctive identity: research concluded that the unique Alpine temperature exchanges have a true signature on the wines made here.

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