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The farm business Lunadoro is based in Valiano, near the well-known town of Montepulciano, within the Val d’Orcia Natural Park. The estate extends over an area of 40 ha on a ridge, 12 of which are vineyards. In 2006 the wine cellar was completely renovated by local architects and engineers, and modern vinification technologies were implemented together with traditional oak casks where wine rests and is aged. Lunadoro is a member of the “Consorzio del Nobile” and carries out a closed-cycle production, which means it has a vinification cellar, a storage cellar and a cellar for barrel and bottle aging. In 2016 the company was taken over by Schenk Italian Wineries, one of the most important Italian wine producers based in Ora (Bolzano). For several years, Schenk has been investing in the Italian market by purchasing farm businesses in appealing areas that are particularly suitable for the production of wine, with the aim of offering products of ever-increasing quality that truly represent the local territory as well as its traditions and culture.

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