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Domini Veneti

In 1989 Cantina Valpolicella Negrar launched an articulated Quality Project: first it identified particularly suitable areas of Valpolicella, putting in a great deal of hard work alongside the grape-growers in order to obtain grapes of extraordinary quality. Their careful selection led to the creation of important crus and a line dedicated to the Domìni Veneti brand. From a simple product line, today Domìni Veneti has become a veritable brand producing very prestigious Veronese wines, most of them cru, DOC, DOCG and IGT. The name Domìni Veneti refers to the territories belonging to the Serenissima Republic of Venice of the 1500s, when it was at its largest; Valpolicella was an integral part of the same. The splendour of that era is evoked in the values of Domìni Veneti, whose production is sought-after and exclusive thanks to a heartfelt, passionate and incessant winemaking-oenological project that aims to enhance the marvellous typical wines of their territory.

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