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Bodegas Bilbainas

In 1859 the French company Savignon Frères et Cie settled in Haro and founded the winery. In 1901, once the phylloxera problem had been eradicated from French vineyards, a group of businessmen from La Rioja and Bilbao purchased the property and founded Bodegas Bilbaínas. Bodegas Bilbaínas is the first and oldest bottling winery in the DO Rioja. In 1997, the Codorníu Group acquired Bodegas Bilbaínas maintaining the philosophy on which it was originally based, that is, to produce wines from specific vines from its own property, thereby assuring wines with personality, called “Vinos de Finca” (“Estate” wines) or “Vinos de Pago” (a term used to describe wines that are produced in microclimates, or in particular, localised soil conditions). Bodegas Bilbaínas today is one of the most prestigious wineries in the Rioja region, specialising in wines in the Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva categories.

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