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La Fralluca

La Fralluca is a portmanteau word derived from the names of the owners, Francesca and Luca. Here is how they recount their story: “When we met and fell in love in 1998 we were working in the fashion industry in Milan. Both economics graduates, we discovered that we had two powerful emotions in common: a passion for wine and the desire to start a family. Dreaming of an idyllic life making wine in the warmth of Tuscany, we began looking for a plot of land on which to build our dream and we got off to a flying start by meeting and securing the services of a famous consultant, Federico Curtaz. After three years of searching for the perfect spot, we fell in love (again) at first sight, but this time with a plot of land in the wine appellation of Suvereto, in coastal Tuscany, where on the veranda of a rundown country home, we started imagining the project and the first glass of our wine. The site is beautiful, lovely, with a magnificent view of the hills up to Monteverdi and the Cornate mountains, behind Massa Marittima, miles of unspoiled woods and Mediterranean scrub, absolutely wild and romantic. Passion and enthusiasm are still driving us, the joy of being able to work with our hands and with our ideas and the luck to be able to touch the results of our efforts will always pay off.”

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