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  • Alboni Grappa La Giovane (Label)

Alboni Grappa La Giovane

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Product Description

This artisan grappa is distilled from a blend of Merlot and Canaiolo pomace, from Poggibonsi near Siena, Tuscany.

  • Brand: Alboni
  • Description: Grappa
  • Vintages Available: N.V.
  • Country, Region: Italy, Tuscany

About the Producer

“Distillerie Alboni S.r.l” is a little artisan entity located in Tuscany, in locality Pian dell’Olmino, near Colle Val d’Elsa, in the heart of the Chianti Senese territory. It prepares and distills pomace from the whole Tuscan territory with the traditional bain-marie (steam) method which is replicated only by another distillery in Italy, in the Veneto region.

The other sector of Alboni’s commercial activity is the production of distilled spirits. These are typical Tuscan products as all the original materials are sourced exclusively from its territory and include distillates such as Arzènte (wines spirit), fruit spirits and the new “Bierbrand” obtained from artisan beers specifically made for the distillation. The study and research of new products is in constant evolution, both for the creation of new products and for the enhancement and aging of the existing ones.


Constant control over the original product is fundamental, in order for the pomace to be preserved perfectly without any deterioration or contamination. The distillation process takes places in two parts, quite different from each other. The first takes place in small stainless steel boilers, with a bain-marie “shirt”, of a capacity of around 650 lbs of pomace, with low pressure and constantly controlled steam for about two hours: this phase extracts the alcohol from the pomace and an hydro-alcoholic liquid (about 30% alcohol), called “flemme” is produced and will need a subsequent distillation to become grappa.

The second, called “ripasso”, takes place in a bain-marie column-still entirely made of copper and with staked dishes, where “flemme” is boiled for about five hours to be cleaned of the less noble parts (head and tail) in order to produce the “heart”, the Grappa.

All this equipment, in stainless steel and copper, was specifically made for Alboni Distilleries by an artisan company in the Black Forest of Germany, where the tradition and the culture of bain-marie distillation is very evolved and - while linked to constant technological progress – still respectful of quality and tradition. It represents a jewel of the artisan mechanical skills where the hand of the master distiller is the determining factor in the creation of the distillate. The limited quantities worked by this equipment allows perfect traceability and the care is such that, at the end of the distillation process, the product is piped to a tank divided into four separate compartments, allowing for the separation of the spirit by origin and type.

The various productions are controlled by law and the agents of the “Agenzia delle Dogane” constantly take samples to be analyzed. Once confirmed as apt to be released for consumption, the distillates are ready for bottling or aging.


After distillation, Alboni’s grappa “La Giovane” is diluted to about 43% of alcohol in volume, aged for 4 months in stainless steel tanks, then refrigerated and bottled.

Tasting Notes

Optimal serving temperature 18°C. Dry, fruity with hints of dried plums and sour cherry. On the palate, this grappa is harmonious and elegant with a pleasantly persistent aftertaste.

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