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Cielo e Terra

The bond between the earth (“terra”) and the Cielo (“sky” in Italian) family originated in 1908 in the Valle del Chiampo, around the Cielo family vineyards owned by Giovanni Cielo. The family-run activity continued to develop and expand during the 1930s thanks to the work of one of the sons, Pietro Cielo. Under the guidance of third-generation brothers Pietro, Giovanni, Renzo, a new winery was established in the 1960s and the company expanded to cover the national Italian wine market. Since taking over the reins of the company, fourth-generation Luca and Pierpaolo Cielo have given renewed scope and drive to its activities by merging the Cielo family tradition with the experience of over 2000 wine producers in the Colli Berici area. This, together with ever-increasing attention to quality, has allowed Cielo e Terra to become the undisputed leader of large-scale retail trading in Italy, with an ever-increasing presence on foreign markets.

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